Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our Infertility Journey: Round Two

We want to have another child, but the road to do so have been rough
and we have reached a crossroads.

I am currently in what we have been told will be the last cycle using Femara,
the trigger shot, and progesterone, as the RE wants to switch to the injectibles,
which is out of the question as we just cannot afford them {$1,000-$1,500 per month}.

I did start up acupuncture and it was going great until the storms we had this past weekend....
three appointments were canceled due to no power and I lost my trigger shot due to
me forgetting it was in the fridge. Our food was okay, but the medication got to warm.
So, we are no faced with having to buy new medication today.

Now I may be superstitious, but I feel like the appointments being canceled and the medication
getting to warm, are all signs that we should just not try for #2. Yes, I am emotional, frustrated,
and just tired of it all. We have spent a lot of hours talking about our family we want to keep trying?
...are we okay with Bellamy being an only child?
...should we take a year off?
...should we try to raise the money to do injectibles for a month or two?
...should one of us get fixed if we decide we are finished?

I just don't know? I am to go to the RE today for my mid-cycle ultrasound so
I guess we will see how that goes and talk to him a little more about  our options.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers
as we try to find our way though round two of our infertility journey.

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Mama K said...

Sending prayers your way!!!!