Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So WHAT! Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon over at Life After I "Dew" for another week of saying So What!
This week I'm saying So What! if:

~So WHAT! I dropped my iPhone without it's cover on a stone patio Friday night and shattered the screen!

~So WHAT! I had a panic attack yesterday morning after miss placing my wedding rings. 
...and had a shitty rest of the day. {Rings were found ...thank God}

~So WHAT! Bellamy's 1st birthday is in 25 days and there is still so much to make & plan

~So WHAT! The guest list for Bellamy's birthday sucks, but I have to remind myself that all she cares about is her mommy and daddy being there.

 ~So WHAT! I have no ideas for father's day gifts for Jon and that is two weekends away

~So WHAT! Im obssed like to look on Craigslist and garage sales ALL the time,
but hello I found an awesome run down Little Tikes playhouse for Bellamy
that I am giving an extreme playhouse makeover too! Check back soon for the BIG reveal!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend In Photos

                            Savannah loved her doggie pool            Bellamy chillin in her new swimsuit

                            The NEW Sunday Funday in the pool      Little Tikes Extreme Playhouse
                                                                                           Makeover {key lime green siding}

                             Little Tikes Extreme Playhouse             Bellamy's Newish Ride
                             Makeover {shutters & roof}        {purchased at consignment sale last fall}

                       Jalapeno-Bacon Burger  & Original Coors    $180 train table for $10
                              ...thanks grill master {AKA Jon}
Freshly painted door &
Updated Landscaping

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Round Two Of Fertility Struggles

A select few friends and family have know that Jon and I have been trying for #2 and a few months ago we went back to our fertility specialist in hopes to expand our family.

The last several months we went through the same treatments as we did when we got pregnant with Bellamy....
150mg clohmid, HCG trigger shot, and progesterone but unfortunately we have had negative test each month.

Jon and I have both agreed that this time around is seems to be much harder, emotionally and physically. The side effects are intensified by 1,000. We know we should not have not gone into these cycles thinking it would be easy and we would be pregnant in a month or two...

So tomorrow morning I do another HSG test {this is the dye test used to check to make sure that the ovaries and tubes are all clear}, they switched me from Clohmid to Fermera this month, I will still take the HCG trigger shot and progesterone weeks 2-12.

I know, your saying be thankful for Bellamy, and we are but it is still a painful journey to go through and it just plain sucks!

Just keep us in your thoughts and prayers and all the others that are going through the same struggles to have the family they want! We are open to trying a few more months, but we are not sure how much more we can physically and emotionally take but until then we are so hopeful for baby #2.

Little Tikes Extreme Playhouse Makeover

Okay, really how can you not love Craiglist!?  Well, I have been stalking looking for some Little Tikes/Step2 outdoor toys {slide, pool, playhouse, etc} for Bellamy recently because this mommy just cannot see spending hundreds on something new that will only look like I bought it on Craigslist after one year of being outside.

Well, I actually found all of the outdoor toys I was looking for, but I will show you those later. So a few weeks ago I came across an add that had a Little Tikes climb cube with slide and Little Tikes playhouse for $40 and I could resist, so my dad hitched up the trailer and we headed out with Bellamy to pick up this stuff.

This is what the playhouse looks like but picture taken from Apartment Therapy
Everything was filthy and I knew I could clean it up, but as we were spraying everything down, I just kept thinking I should have waited and found a playhouse in a little better condition because this one needed A LOT of TLC {new screws to put the rook back on and it was missing the leg for the table} but my dad said not to worry we could get screws and we can make a new leg or just remove the table, but none of that was making me feel any better about the $20 I felt like I wasted. 

Later that night, I was googling how to repair Little Tikes playhouse and what pops up?!?! .....Little Tikes Playhouse Extreme Makeover!!  OMG!! I could not believe what I saw!! Others had purchases playhouses on Craiglist, cleaned them, and then painted them with spray paint for plastic. Hello, why didn't I think of this before?!

 Here are a few of the Little Tikes Playhouse Extreme Makeovers I found online! So cute, right?
Apartment Therapy

Jon and I decided that we really liked the idea of a brown roof, red door/chimney/shutters, and then a shade green for the

Red door, chimney, and shutters

Green siding
Brown roof
Well, the painting has already begun and I hope to be able to share the big reveal with
you in a few weeks so stay tuned! 

Happy Craigslist shopping!!